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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preshoot

A bar/bat mitzvah pre shoot is probably one of the most fun sessions I get to do. I love collaborating with a child to completely plan a session around their theme so they feel excited and involved. Being photographed can cause a lot of anxiety in children because they don’t know how to pose, they feel awkward or just don’t like the attention. As a fashion photographer(in my spare time), my job is know how to pose, give direction and make everyone look their best. That same expertise is brought right to the pre shoot working with teens.  There’s a reason why most of my clients tell me how confident and beautiful their children feel after our pre shoot. Yes, even the boys! I know how to extract that and there is almost no greater feeling than that moment when they look at the image and go “WOW!” From locations, to attire, to props, and aesthetic,  I help plan it all.  And when we need to have a little extra magic added, I have a team of retouchers who make that happen brilliantly. Why settle for average photos when you can have extraordinary? Our pre shoot images are unique and are nothing like the competition.  Interested in learning more? Let’s talk.