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How to Prepare for a Boudoir Session

How to Prepare for a Boudoir Session

It sounds scary, right?  Being half dressed in front of a stranger, all of your flaws for the world to see?  But for some reason when you’re in that moment, it is completely freeing, empowering and fun. I love working with women. I love helping them reconnect with themselves.  I hear it over and over again.  My clients tell me that even when they’re giving a gift to their significant other, the session was an even bigger gift for themselves.  Nothing makes me happier.  My goal is to create an incredible experience; one that has often been called “life changing.”  That kind of session takes a lot of time and commitment, but is worth it in the end.  A boudoir session is an investment in her; her self worth, her self love, her self esteem.  Women often spend time focusing on everyone else in their lives and forget to take some time out for themselves, guilt free.  That is the kind of environment I create. My sessions take place in three different locations; a gorgeous suite overlooking the NYC skyline at The W Hoboken Hotel, a lovely suite at The Hanover Marriott Hotel, and the romantic Les Saisons Bed and Breakfast in Maplewood, NJ.  We serve wine and some lunch and my clients are then transformed by my hair and makeup team. It’s a day for her to celebrate  HER!


I don’t think I could have created images like this if the women weren’t confident and feeling comfortable.  So how exactly does that happen? How do nervous and intimidated women suddenly turn into these sexy goddesses?

Here are a few of my tricks of the trade.

  • Collaborate. You cannot create a woman’s fantasy shoot without a lot of communication and collaboration. I spend time with each client going over wardrobe, accessories and the feel of the shoot to help them come up with their perfect vision. I’ve had clients text me photos of their attire as they’re shopping to get my opinion. Whatever I need to do to help a client feel beautiful and comfortable is my goal. You can find some perfect sexy attire  at   If you enter code NEWSET10 you will receive a discount at checkout.
  • Photo inspiration.  I have each client send me some photos of images they love for inspiration. It helps me understand the types of images they are attracted to so I know if they love black and white, light and airy or more sultry and moody and then I can help them plan accordingly.
  • Preparation. Preparing for shoot day takes some time and effort. Lots of rest, water, pampering..I suggest a mani/pedi and waxing if needed. I suggest she gets her hair colored or  highlights done,whatever she needs to be sure she feels her best that day.  Then my team can give her a WOW makeover!
  • Role Playing.  This is advice I got from a client of mine who is a model. When I had to do my first boudoir shoot I was terrified. I asked her for some tips. She told me to channel whatever actress I found sexy and pretend I was her.  It helped me take on a different character.  If I have  particularly nervous client, I will ask her to do the same. We talk about what makes that particular actress sexy to her and we work on getting her to act like her. It works!  It gives her something to concentrate on beside her nerves.
  • The reveal. When I get a particularly stunning image, I always show my client the back of the camera. Often insecurities are running through our minds when being photographed; do I look stupid, do I look fat, how could I look good in this pose? Once I show them the image, they are usually shocked that it is really them.  They relax instantly because now they are certain I did not make them look silly. It’s really an amazing moment to witness.
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  1. Hi!

    I am interested in doing a Boudoir shoot for my fiance as a wedding gift. We are getting married Feb 23, 2019 and would like to do the shoot by fall of this year (need some time to get in my best shape). I was wondering if you have any payment options as it is a bit pricey for me considering all the other expenses of a wedding. I was also wondering if you put together a photo albumn as well?

    Thank you in advance!

  2. I like how you talked about collaborating with other people before your photoshoot. I am considering booking a boudoir photography session from a credible photographer and don’t know what to wear. I would love advice from professionals on how to look my best.

    • Hi Greta, I’m happy to help out if you’re still looking to book a session. Feel free to shoot me an email from my contact page and I’ll help any way I can. Thanks!

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