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I’m proud to be a Basic Invite Brand Ambassador.

I’m proud to be a Basic Invite Brand Ambassador.

A few years ago I was contacted by a stationery company about checking out their line of products.  Admittedly, I get these emails quite often, but something told me to check out their products.  After perusing the site, I decided to order my personal Christmas cards with them that year. I have to admit, I was thrilled!  There are so many reasons to love their products.

The selection:  When it comes to any major life moment, Basic Invite has you covered.  Engagement, wedding, baby announcement…NO PROBLEM!   They have over 800 wedding options alone and the ability to change colors and have  customizable invitations   is endless. And if you’re looking for forest wedding invites, look no further. Their designs are stunning.



Custom Samples:  This is so important. No matter what kind of piece you are creating, to have a FREE sample to see and touch the quality before you mail it out is so important.  It allows me to be confident in the product I’m creating for my clients and they’re happy as well.

FREE Address Collection:  In my opinion, this is the absolute best creation.  You can manually add your addresses to the site and Basic Invite will address all of your cards for FREE.  You can also share a link on social media where friends can add their addresses and it uploads right into your address book.  No more sitting at home arguing over who is going to address all of those envelopes!  It’s a time saver and amazing service.

Peel and stick envelopes:  Not only does Basic Invite offer over 40 different envelope colors, now you don’t have to lick them.  They make it so easy with a peel and stick envelope.It’s the little things that really make a difference.

I can literally go on and on about how I love their products and representing their brand has been a pleasure. All of my marketing material is created with their marketing line and most importantly, my clients love the products I create for them.  Happy clients is my number one priority and I know the products will wow my customers and their customer service makes my job even easier.


Check them out on social media or visit their website  or ask me how to design a perfect piece for whatever occasion you’re celebrating.  And remember, the holidays are right around the corner.




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