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Benefits of Matterport Virtual Tours

What's the best way to get more clients? Get them engaged, get them comfortable, get them emotionally attached. A Matterport virtual reality tour is an all-in-one sales and marketing tool which hits all of those deliverables. Most people, our future customers, are always on their phones, and always looking to find out information about everything; what house they want to buy, a business they want to visit, or even where they want to have lunch.

Matterport is the leader in Virtual Reality scanning technology, presenting an unparalleled presentation quality, speed, and fluidity for the viewer. The technology is new, it looks cool, folks who play video games will automatically feel like they're in a virtual-game-world, and there's plenty for people to click on and explore. Viewers can even sit back, relax, click the 'Play' button, and watch a fly-through tour of the virtual space. If a person spends one minute walking around a virtual-reality version of your property or business, they've just become familiar and comfortable with your physical property, they've already begun to develop attachment. They will already feel "at home" when they step through your actual door for the first time.

The feeling of comfort and familiarity that Matterport Virtual Reality Tours create within a prospect is what will transition prospects into clients, and clients into long-term relationships.

Meet Richard James, Matterport Virtual Reality Pro

Rich JamesRichard James is one of New Jersey’s top real-estate and property photographers, who specializes in Matterport Virtual Reality tours, and has helped hundreds of realtors sell over 1000 properties since 2018.

Richard is passionate, charismatic, approachable, friendly, professional, and detail-oriented. His main desire is that everyone have a high-quality experience with his work every step of the way, the seller, the realtors, and the buyers.

“Buying, selling, and even showing a property can be stressful, and seemingly a mountain of work. The marketing material that I create for properties and businesses helps everyone have a better experience, reduces stress, and saves time. It is my goal to leave all of my clients with a smile on their face. Happy makes happier, and that’s that.” – Richard James

Who We Work With

We work with anyone and everyone who will benefit from having an online-hosted virtual-reality tour of their property or space. We work with real estate brokers and agents, builders, business owners small and large, architects, insurance companies, AirBnB hosts, hotels, and more.

Floorplans with 2D or 3D Rendering

With the Matterport scanning system, we can create high-end 2D black-and-white architectural schematic floorplans. Our floorplans show full markings for all fixtures, all room measurements, and all overall square footage measurements per floor and per dwelling. The floorplans can be further accentuated with 2D or 3D rendering to create an immersive viewing experience.

Additional Matterport Virtual Tours

Mount Pleasant Avenue - 2000sqft 3br

Orenda Circle - 7800sqft 8br

Beacon Hill - 5400sqft 6br

The Greek on Main Restaurant - 2000sqft interior+exterior

Why Matterport? It’s in the Statistics!

On average, the Matterport Virtual Reality tours for our restaurant and business clients which are published on Google Street View are seeing 1000 viewers per month. That's 1000 people who looked at your business. Real estate listings are averaging 300-600 viewers per month, are largely dependent on sale-price and how many people are looking to buy a home at said price. Just think, that's hundreds of people who didn't consume your real estate agent's time to schedule a viewing but still saw the property.

Our Testimonials

Many new customers come in and tell me they chose to dine with us because they saw the virtual tour video on our website and loved the place. I highly recommend Matterport for restaurants and Rich was great to work with!

- Chef Theodore Kappas

The Greek on Main

Matterport virtual tours have transformed my listings. The 3D walkthroughs offer buyers an immersive, detailed view of properties, reducing unnecessary in-person showings and attracting more serious buyers. This technology enhanced my marketing strategy and increased client satisfaction!

- Manny E

Real Estate Salesperson

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