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Jane & Jay’s Magical California Wedding at Newhall Mansion

Jane & Jay’s Magical California Wedding at Newhall Mansion

Well, they finally did it! My famous “Oz” couple Jane & Jay tied the knot on Halloween in grand fashion at the Newhall Mansion in Piru, California. A wedding setting that was simply perfection, the mansion and its entire property were used to create themed sections for you to visit and enjoy. Here a list of them with a description..

SpareOom Speakeasy: This is the Narnia-themed speakeasy at the front room of the house. Guest will walk through a wardrobe to get there. There will be a speakeasy piano player, masquerade masks, and an old-timey photographer (like on the east coast boardwalks!). There will be a drink called the Turkish Delight wherein guests put cotton candy in champagne glasses and pour champagne over top).

The Neverending Love Story:This room is across from the speak easy. It is the guest book room and has a “Neverending Love Story” guest book that looks exactly like the book from the movie. There are index sized cards and ostrich quill pens (humanely harvested!) that have the auryn symbol from the book on the cards. Guests write their well wishes and either hang them on manzanita trees or in card boxes. There is a white wine sangria called the Fantasia and cookies that have the auryn symbol on it.

No Place Like Home: This area is Baltimore & Oz themed (since we are both from Bmore). This will be in the back of the house. There will be photos of the engagement shoot pictures! There will be MD crab claws, oysters, and Twisted Slipper drinks (Dirty Shirely’s with a better name!). There will be a Photobooth set-up that is DIY. IE people use their own cameras to take pictures with photo booth props and then use a certain hashtag to post it. The background is a Maryland flag. Props are  hysterical. Also, Ravens cookies.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party: This is further up in the yard by a big marble table and surround by pomegranite trees! How magical! There will be a carriage bed and living area made to look like Alice’s room. A biscuit bar, Iced Tea to be spiked with “Drink Me” shot bottles, Tea Bags that say Steep Me. A couple of hanging chair swings and a DIY photo booth. Lots of things will be hung from trees.

The Little Prince Bistro: This area is in a paved area between the back of the house and the tea party. We have black wrought iron tables that will have baguette sandwiches, chocolate croissants, and lemonade. There is also a DIY Photo booth area that is like a “kissing booth” with roses. There will be a rose under a bell jar (a la Beauty and the Beast/Little Prince) There will also be a station where people can take a mini rose (fresh) and a tag and write a note to someone/give a rose to someone.

The Secret (Beer) Garden: This area is across from the Mad Hatter’s area. There will be a big loooong wooden fence with ivy to walk through. It will be themed like the secret garden meets Oktoberfest. Beers in wheelbarrows, sausages, hot pretzels, oktoberfest diy photobooth. Beer pong will also be back here

The Caterpillar’s Hookah Lounge: This area is Moroccan themed and there will be two hookahs, two attendants, as well as a cigar and whiskey bar. It’s around the pool area and there will be floating lanterns in the pool with color changing led candles.

Game of Thrones Buffet: This is the dinner buffet with lots of meat, salads, a mashed potato bar, and a bread bar…and like 300 game of thrones cookies.

Sounds fab, right? Well covering this much property with just two photographers was no easy task. Between inside the mansion, then up the hill of the sprawling lawn, there were people and details everywhere; a photographers dream. I was also battling the sun setting before I could photograph all of the glorious details. But somehow Boris and I did it. We worked hard and hustled, I wish there were 4 of us, but somehow we made it work. It was over 90 degrees so we were sweating like crazy, but they didn’t fly us to California to be mediocre. We had to be extraordinary!! I think we did a great job capturing the details Jane wanted to bring to life and the love and joy surrounding their beautiful day in such an incredible location. If you are looking for inspiration, this wedding is a great example of some gorgeous details.  From Jane’s custom made jewelry and cape to her signature cocktails, and her unique bouquet.  You can’t help but feel like you’re in a fantasy world when you see these images.  I fell in love with California on that trip, I fell in love with a family that welcomed us with open arms and treated us like one of their own. It truly was one of the best experiences of my career. I hope you enjoy these images.  Here are some of the fabulous vendors and artists who made this wedding spectacular.


Tricia Dahlgren Events


Saving Wildlife International


In Good Taste LA


Red Shoe LA

Bride’s Makeup and Hair

Tracey Anderson


Matrimony Pictures

Bridal dress:

Pebble Bridal

Tux Rentals:

Friar Tux

Photo Booth:

Pix In A Booth


Designing with Strange











Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4341 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_ring Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_shoes Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4346 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4353




Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4297 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4120 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4203 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4272 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4559 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4322 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4422 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4375


Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4616 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4692 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_bride


Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4982 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5027 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5029 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5095 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5154 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5113 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_D750516 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5214 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5217 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5268 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4826 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_19 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_26 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_D750561


Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_D750627 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_D750590 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5472 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5852 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5832 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5788 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5755 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5742 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5717 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5878 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5923 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5942 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5947 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5956 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5957 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5984 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5975 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5970 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5960 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5958 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_D750814 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_D750800 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_D607152 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_D607131 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_card Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_alice Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_neverendingroom Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_photobooth Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4639 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4643


Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY6011 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY6041 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_15

Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY6343 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY6397 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY6585 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY6613 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY6619 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY7030 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY6637 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY6772 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_13 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY7087 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY7125 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY7137



Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY6090 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY6077 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY6065 Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY6276



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  1. Now that is the way to do a wedding and photograph it! Congratulations to the Bride and Groom. Best wishes for a long and healthy life together!

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