Just Do You on Your Wedding Day

Just Do You on Your Wedding Day

My brides ask me the same questions all of the time. What is the “right” way to do introductions? What is the “right” way to do our vows? Can my bridesmaids wear different color dresses? Would it look weird in photos? Is it tacky to do karaoke at my wedding? The answer is always the same. Its YOUR wedding, there are no rules. Do what you want to do and what makes you and your fiance happy. That’s all your loved ones want is to see you happy and to have fun and celebrate!

I think as a bride, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to please everyone else that they forget that this is their day to celebrate the love between two people in a way that represents them. If you want to wear Converse sneakers, wear them. If you want your bridesmaids in all different colors, go for it!  If you want to sing karaoke, bring it on. Why not have a competition? There are no rules today and weddings that have more personal touches are growing more and more popular as are themed weddings.

I love when my clients break the traditional rules and  showcase their personalities and really have a day that celebrates the couple without worrying about what’s “right.”  Just do it!  Here are some examples of how my unconventional couples celebrated their wedding day. I hope it inspires you to think outside the box.

Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY5755Animals at a wedding?  Why not. Jane is an animal lover and her wedding had some hedgehogs (seen here) a kookaburra and some other furry friends for her guests to pet. By the way, check out her custom arm jewelry?

18Make your first dance a choreographed number to surprise your guests? Why not?  Who doesn’t love Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

54Gothic wedding, anyone? Yes the bride made her red tulle gown herself. How cool is that?

16_2A Phantom of the Opera themed wedding…perfect for a musician and lover of musical theater.  Andrew Lloyd Weber himself would have loved her take on the theme.  The bride and bridesmaids had masks in lieu of flowers…a very cool and economical choice.

2015-06-22_0030A wedding at a recording studio that is a converted church.  How many of those have you attended? Dare to be different!

New Orleans Second LineThis couple from New Jersey decided to have their wedding in New Orleans. A second line is so much fun and every guest will remember that march down Bourbon Street.

2014-10-09_0112Red Vans, why not?  Who says a bride has to wear fancy shoes?

2015-11-07_0022A light saber greeting during intros…yes please!

Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY7137Beer pong at a wedding?  Let’s just say this was a very fun crowd!

2015-11-07_0002An X Files wedding cake…so fun!  What theme would YOU choose?

Bloom_Baur_VeroLuce_Photography_VLY4346How special is a bouquet of paper which are pages from your favorite book and pearls and rhinestones for some sparkle?  Very few real flowers in this beauty.

70This couple converted their Seattle home into a Vintage Carnival paradise for their wedding. How fun is that?


Be different, be you, and have the most magical day.

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